Our history begins in Spring of 2005. In a little shopfront on Barolin St, Bundaberg, a small shoe store opened for the very first time.

This was The Shoe Fringe. Opened by Anne Canniford, it catered for the very special events, faithfully serving people with a need for a pair of those new, special shoes. Races, Evening parties, Formals, Weddings and eveything in between, you could find the perfect shoe, and maybe a little jewellery to go along. Slowly but surely this tiny store grew, supported by the community and its absolutely fantastic customer base. In Autumn of 2009, to meet the demand, The Shoe Fringe moved to a larger store in Targo Street, and began introducing a greater variety, adding evening bags and comfort shoes to their stock.

2014 came and went, and the store upgraded yet again, absorbing the store next door, adding a wide array of fascinators, leather bags, wallets and clothing for all to browse.

Over the years, times have changed, and seasons have come and gone. The world has changed, as have the people who live here. Whats on trend, what people need. What they want. 

We listened. 

In August of 2020, The Shoe Fringe closed its doors for the last time. At least, under that name. Just two weeks later, a new store opened around the corner on Bourbong Street, Bundaberg. Filled to the brim with gorgeous clothing, 2 Black Flamingos opened its doors for the first time.

There have been many changes made along the way. We have gained so much, and made sacrifices. We may be very different from The Shoe Fringe that opened its doors 15 years ago; our range of shoes is much smaller, and formal events are no longer our forte; however, the heart and soul of our business lives on. We're a part of the wide bay community, and we're proud of it.

Here at 2 Black Flamingos, we've survived drought and floods, global crises and pandemics. And we'll stand strong, continuing to serve the community well into the foreseeable future.

To all of our continued patrons and friends: Thank you very much!